BoA Management & On-Boarding

How do I Standardize my BoA Management? 

In order to answer this question, we have to know what the role is of the BoA at the local level. Their role is: 

  1. To reinforce accountability of the LCP
  2. To provide resources such as referrals to important company and university contacts
  3. To provide functional advice related to the LC's operations & projects
  4. To act as the organizational memory of the LC, due to its yearly turnover

In order for a BoA to NOT represent the poor creature displayed on the right, your BoA must have all the right information to support you. This information is: 

  1. LC goals versus actual & scorecard
  2. LC financial performance
  3. Your current projects & asks

Here are some FAQs regarding how to provide your BoA with this information so they can support you in return!

1. What information should the BoA get on a quarterly basis? 

A: At the bare minimum, in every meeting you should go over what percentage of your year goal you have achieved. This is known as a scorecard (see right).

Second, your BoA should be aware of the following aspects of financial performance; 

  1. Total Liabilities & Equities (Statement of Financial Position)
  2. Income/Loss to date (Income Statement)
  3. Budget Variance (after a budget review, assess wether or not LC is on track with budget).

Last, you should provide the BoA with updates on projects as well as what has been working well, so that the BoA can understand for future years what is helping the LC grow. 

2. What asks should we have of the BoA on a quarterly basis? 

As you can see, this is a continuation of the last image because the two lists combined form your agenda for a quarterly BoA meeting!

The asks should include discussion on which functions of the LC are not going well as well as a list of referrals, training, resource, and advice relating to where the LC needs more support. As an example, if iGT has the lowest goal achievement in the LC, try asking your BoA for referrals to specific companies in the city as well as professional sales training if there is an expert on your board. 

3. What information should I give my BoA on a monthly basis? 

LCPs don't always have to send information on a monthly basis to their BoAs. But if you want to make the most of them, here are some milestones and discussion points you should hit!

4. What information does my BoA need when they first start the year? 

As LCP, you should supply your BoA with the following prior to the full start of the calendar year:

  1. Their mandate/role (see above)
  2. Your year plan so they understand what you are working towards
  3.  The dates for all upcoming BoA meetings so that the whole Board & EB is aware
  4. Any context regarding AIESEC Canada (e.g. conference hosting policies if you are hosting a conference; updated membership code changes if applicable)

5. How can I organize my BoA so that they provide more focused functional support? 

One idea that several LCs have already implemented is dividing their BoA into sub-committees based on each BoA member's area of expertise. If you follow the guide above, you will want BoA Members with the following backgrounds: 

  1. Health Management: BoA members with HR and People Management expertise
  2. Conferences (only if you host one): BoA members with event management & sponsorship expertise and/or connections in the community
  3. Programs: BoA members with knowledge on operations management, marketing, sales, and customer experience delivery
  4. Focus Area: This really depends on what is the strategic initiative that your LC is focusing on for the year. 

6. How can I organize my BoA so that they provide more people focused support for the EB? 


You can implement a mentorship program! We suggest sending your EB members a questionnaire to fill out prior, and then taking the inputs to support your BoA Chair as they assign the mentors. 

Remember that mentorship only works if the EB wants to do it - so set expectations accordingly and only move forward if your EB commits!

7. How can I aid my BoA in really being our organizational memory in the LC?

By completing an annual report to give to your BoA, which highlights key successes and failures within each function, as well as key stakeholders to follow-up on for the next year. Of course!

So by this point you AND your BoA should feel like this:

But if not, here's the TLDR the form of your own BoA Quarterly Meeting Template!