How to Use the Growth Model

What Even is A Growth Model? 

A Growth Model consists of the following elements: 

  1. Aspiration & Targets
  2. Development Steps
  3. LC Structures
  4. Service Delivery (Coaching, Visits, Other)

1. Aspiration & Targets

The aspiration for LCs this year was to be Strong & Healthy. While targets and tiers are important for LCs, the best way to get an LC to grow is for an LC themselves to adopt these targets into planning. Thus, every November, LCs go through an LC Year Planning audit where an LC Coach should ensure goals are carefully planned. To achieve the goals themselves, LCs should work towards productivity in their membership and by monitoring the alignment between their team sizes to their goals. Thus, while in real time the measure for health is achievement of goals, the long-term is a combination of healthy membership, finances, growth, and productivity/member contribution.

Sound easy? Only two out of 29 entities have achieved the long-term criteria for Strong & Healthy LCs.

2. Development Steps

Once we have targets, how do we get there? Development Steps for an LC focus on the elements. After completing two case studies of LCs, we found that the following elements lead to growth: 

  • Integrated Experiences: # AIESECers that actively run operations after having gone on exchange
  • Productivity rate: # of exchanges each member has to facilitate
  • Time to contribute: time it takes for a member to achieve a raise in iGT or approve in OGX
  • Structures: what structure & customer flow management each function should follow
  • Projects: # projects/sub-products to sell per operations team

3. LC Structures

Aligning your LC structures to those provided in the Growth Model are important because...

  • It allows you to follow the recommended process to optimize your customer flow
  • It allows you to build a smaller, but stronger and therefore more productive team

4. Service Delivery

AIESEC Canada's Service Delivery Model includes coaching, Growth Driver & coaching visits, conferences, & campaigns. 

Have questions or comments about our Growth Model or how you've used it? Comment below!